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楼 主  船东英语口语面试模本[2006-6-4 15:26:00]
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English For Interviewed by Ship’s owner
1.     Could you introduce yourself?

My name is x.x.x. I am x.x years old. I hold a xxx certificate. I have experienced of xx. Xxx. Xxx. I can use a computer system for management(maintenance). I suppose that my English is good enough for work. I am married(single). There are 3 people in my family, my daughter and my son.
2.Where did you graduate from?
   I graduated from XXX university(college, school).
3.How long have you worked on board?

   I have worked on board ten years.
4.Which company have you served (worked for)?

I have served xxx.xxxx.
5.What certificate (license) do you hold now?

I have xxx certificate, or I hold xxx certificate, or I am the holder of xxx certificate. 我持有某某证书。
6.How long do you have the certificate of C/E(2/E,3/E….)?

I hold the xx certificate(xx years) in xxxx.
7. What kinds of ship have you worked on?

I have worked on many ships, like xxx ships, xxx ship and so on.
8.Which classification society is your ship registered with?

9. Where was your last vessel’s trading area? Which ports have you called?

Ocean-going, world widely, globally,fixed route.
远洋, 全世界,全球,固定航线
10.Have you served UMS?(UMS=Unmanned Machinery Space)

Yes, I have served UMS, or No, I am sorry, I have not.
11.(How long) have you served as C/E, 2/E……?

Yes, I have served as C/E several years(times)
12.What kinds of main engine and generator engine have you worked on?
Oh, several models, for instance, main engine: SUZER RND68, 6700KW; B&W5L45GA 3200KW; MAN KZ70/1200 5300KW; B&W6L68GFCA 7570KW. Generator engine; YANMAR 6ML-HTS270KW……..
13. Could you tell the power of (M/E) generator/engine which you have ever worked on?

Ok, 6UEC52LS6500KW; (YANMAR 6ML-HTS270KW), on board ship M/V xxx.
14. What type of engine did you have on your last ship?

The vessel I worked on last time is a bulk carrier with SUZER RND68 engine.
15.Have you worked any ship that caused damage in critical equipments?

No, I served my job cautiously, and my colleagues were also diligent. We kept the vessel in safe operation. If I were employed by your company. I were also serve my duty with diligence.
16.Did you have a planned maintenance system(PMS) for your last ship?

Yes, I observed instructions from the shipowner and the system was controlled and managed by computers.
17.The ISM Code required preventive maintenance schedules. How do you make your maintenance schedules?
According to the ISM Code, the preventive maintenance plan is made based on the ship’s “Planned Maintenance System” and the machinery running hours records. This plan should be made on an annual basis(or a five-year basis). Usually, the monthly maintenance schedules are made based on the annual preventive maintenance plan and the basic occasional maintenance work.
18.What is the purpose of the ISM Code? What is DPA in ISM Code?
ISM 规则的目的是什么?ISM规则中DPA是什么意思?

The purpose of this Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of ship’s of ships and for pollution prevention.
DPA stands for Designated person(s) Ashore. His responsibility includes monitoring safety, pollution prevention aspects on behalf of the shipowner.
ISM 规则的目的是提供针对船舶安全管理和操作以及防污染的一个国际标准。
19.What does DOC imply?
DOC 表示什么?

DOC stands for “Document of Compliance”. The marine shipping company should establish and maintain procedures to control all documents and data which are relevant to the SMS. Each ship should carry on board all documentation relevant to that ship.
DOC 表示符合文件。船舶公司应该建立和维护程序去控制所有与SMS有关的文件和数据。每条船都应该携带与本船相关的所有文件。
20.What is SMC?
SMC 表示什么?

SMC means Safety management Certificate. It should be issued to a ship by the administration or an authorized organization.
21.What is the purpose of ISM Audit? What is the Critical Equipment and System?

Audit is the systematic and independent verification to determine whether ISM activities and results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are effectively preformed to achieve the objectives of the company and relevant maritime laws.
These are those where sudden loss of functional capability or where failure to respond when activated manually or automatically may create high-risk situations or major accidents. For example, main engine, steering gear and so on.
22.What are the critical Operations and conditions?

Critical Operations and Conditions are those which have a significant risk of causing major injuries or illness to people, or damage to ship, cargo, other property and/or the environment.
23. What does Non-Conformity mean? What is Major Non-Conformity?

Non-Conformity means an observed situation where the objective evidence indicates the Non-Fulfillment of a specified requirement. Major Non-Conformity is an identifiable deviation which poses a serious threat to personnel or ship safety or serious risk to environment. Which requires immediate correction the action. Lack of effective and systematic implementation of the ISM Code is also a Major Non-Conformity.
24.What is a near accident? Please give an example to show your understanding. 什么叫险情?请举例说明。

The near accident is a kind of potential danger. If it is worse, it will become an accident. For example, two ships are in close quarters situation. 险情是一种潜在的危险。如果恶化的话,他会变成一个事故。例如,两条船非常靠近地航行。
25.What should be paid attention to in the overhaul of cylinder?

Every operation must be complied with the preparation measures regulated in the safety meeting or in the SMS. All safety measures must be observed, such as persons should not stand under the engine room crane. The operator, who operated the E/R crane, must operate carefully and smoothly.
26.Before entering an enclosed space such as ballast tank, what action will you take? 在进入封闭空间前,(如压载水舱)应作什么准备工作?

Prepare tools. Check all items in the checklist, such as test of content of oxygen, test of explosion point, exploded-proof lamp, good ventilation. Communication means should be available between operators inside and watchman outside and so on. Operators should wear protective clothing a breathing apparatus, a helmet, working boots, lifeline. Also a mark plate “Dangerous Operation in Progress” should be established at the entrance.
27.Please tell me the minimum safe oxygen percentage for the safety of
the workers in an enclosed space.

More than 18% and no more than 23% of oxygen in an enclosed space will be ok for the safety of the workers.
大于18%,小于23% 的氧气含量是安全的。
28.Have you ever seen SOPEP? What is SOPEP?(Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)

Yes, of course. SOPEP stands for Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.是的,当然。SOPEP代表船舶油污应急计划。T
29.What information you could receive form SOPEP

    The SOPEP should contain (but not limited to )the following content;        
    Procedures to be followed by the Master or other crew in case of oil
    Pollution reporting system and the authority or persons to be
    contacted in the event of pollution including the telephone numbers
    Detailed description of actions to be taken immediately by persons
    on board to reduce or control the discharge of oil after the incident.
    List of oil spill response equipment to be maintained and prepared on
    board.(Removers, sprayer, oil absorbent, saw dust, sand, waste rags, scoop.
    Shovels, buckets, bamboo brooms, portable pump, protective
    clothing, portable containers.). The essence of the Plan is to avoid any
    possible oil leakage and oil pollution.
    Simply speaking, SOPEP should include such things as emergency
    contacts (telephone and other communication means, address etc), the
    equipment used in detailing with oil pollution, the muster list for oil
    pollution, the report procedure when the accident happens etc.
    SOPEP is compulsory on board most of the ships according to the ISM
IOPP is the certificate for the vessel that is qualified for the requirements issued by the class on oil pollution prevention.
30.Could you list international conventions concerning marine shipping?
   There are many conventions. For example: SOLARS, STCW95,
31.If you found an oil spill in the sea, how would you react?

    Immediately report to the nearest competent port authority and take  
    positive action to control the pollution and make an entry in the
32.What is PSC inspection? Have you had inspection on board the ship? If you
have, what deficiency has been checked out?
PSC inspection stands for Port State Control Inspection. I have the experience of PSC. But no deficiency has been found.
33.Do you keep record while crew works?

Yes, of course. According to SMS, every event should be recorded as evidence. The general rule is no record, no behaviors.
34.What is the main duty of the C/E?(2/E, 3/E, 4/E, E/E)

The Chief Engineer is ultimately responsible for the safe and efficient running of all mechanical and electric machinery shipboard equipment. He is responsible for….
The Second Engineer is responsible for watching at periods of 0400-0800 hours and 1600-2000hrs. He is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the operation and maintenance of all machinery and associated equipment. He is responsible for…..
35.How often should you test lifeboat engine? Who takes charge of the operation? Who takes of maintenance and repair work?

One week interval. SMS requires that every crew on board is capable of operating it. The fourth Engineer must take charge of maintenance and repair work.
36. Who take charge of repairing deck equipment if the deck equipment is out of order? 甲板机械失灵时由谁来负责修理?

The Fourth Engineer takes charge of that work and co-operate by electric engineer.
37.What should be paid attention to when bunkering fuel oil?

Firstly, we must pay much attention not to spill the oil; secondly, the quantity to the oil must correspond to the contract; thirdly the quality must comply with the required one; fourthly, we must take samples during bunkering.
38.How do you pump out bilge water in the engine room?

Pump bilge water into bilge tank. Then pump bilge water into oily water separator. Ask the Captain or deck officers on duty to pump out at appropriate water. The proportion should not be beyond 15 PPM. The operation should be recorded in “ Oil water record book”.
39.When will an engineer in charge of watch call the Chief Engineer?

When engine damage or malfunction occurs which may be such as to endanger the safe operation of the ship; when any malfunction occurs which it is believed, may cause damage or break down of propulsion machinery, auxiliary machinery or monitoring and governing systems; and in any emergency or if in any doubt as to what decision or measure to be taken.
40.What should be prepared before disassembly of cylinder for main engine/auxiliary engine?

I shall familiarize myself with the operational manual, such as know with certainly the disassembly procedures, cut off oil and water, the operational procedure, test by oil and water after assembly; get knowledge of assembly crevice and limited crevice; count on necessary spares; check all necessary tools before working; be clear of duties for personal engagement in disassembly of cylinder; safety measures and safety working training are also vital.
41.How do you manage sewage?如何管理生活污水?

Drop in sterilized medicine regularly. Keep the blower in constant working. Check the quality of the sample of the constant to compare with the standards.
42.Have you ever performed the auxiliary engine to combust heavy oil? What should be borne in mind when transferring oil from heavy oil to light oil? 您做过烧重油的副机吗?在重油换轻油过程中应注意什么?

I have worked on the auxiliary engine which combusts a combination of A and C oil. When transferring oil from heavy oil to light oil, the changing of temperature should not be rapid. 1*C to 2*C per minute is best. Meanwhile the viscosity change should be constantly observed. The temperature of the oil temperature to be heated varies in quality of the fuel oil. In general, 180cst needs to be heated to 95-105*C; 380cst needs to be heated to 130-135*C. the viscosity is under the control of approximately 2 anglers.
43.Could you tell the main reason for seeing the black smoke exhausted from the diesel engine?请您说出柴油机冒黑烟的原因?

The possible reasons are as follows; discharge valve damage or over load operation of diesel engine, or leakage of nozzle, or the incomplete combustion in the cylinder because not enough fresh air was pumped.
44.Could you tell the main reason for scavenge fire?

Ignition of carbon/oil deposits by;
A. Prolonged blow-by.
B. Slow combustion in cylinder, owing to incorrect atomization, or misaligned fuel jets.
C. Blow-back through the scavenge air ports, owing to an incorrectly adjusted exhaust cam disc or large resistance in the exhaust system(back pressure not exceed 300 mm wc)
D. The cylinder liner wear out of order or piston ring broken.
A. 长时间的活塞环漏气。
B. 由于不正常的雾化,或燃油喷射的不对中而引起燃烧的缓慢。
C. 由于排汽凸轮盘不正确的定时或排汽系统背压过大(背压不能超过300毫米水柱)而导致燃气通过扫气口倒流。
D. 气缸套磨损超标或活塞环断裂。
45.Could you tell the main reason for crankcase explosion?

Oil mist and hot spot; abnormal friction between sliding surfaces causing a hot spot. Hot spot can cause the oil falling on them to evaporate. When oil vapour condenses again, countless minute particle are formed, which are suspended in the air. A milky white mist develops, which is able to feed and propagate a flame if ignition occurs. The ignition can be caused by the same hot spot which caused the oil mist to form. The ignition will cause a tremendous rise of pressure in the crankcase, which will open the crankcase relief v/v momentarily. A very severe explosion can damage the crankcase door and cause fire in the engine room. Similar explosions can occur in the chain casing & scavenge air box.
46.What does the turbine super-charger surge?

There are basically five main reasons.
High backpressure of the exhaust manifold and low flowing quantity; rapid change in load; insufficient supply of fuel oil or bad combustibility; failure of turbine blade, nozzle and diffuser; narrowed scavenging of air passage or scavenge fire;


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